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International Excellence Fellowship of Dr Vladisavljevic

This summer, Dr Vladisavljevic was awarded an International Excellence Fellowship by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the oldest technical university in Germany. As a result of this fellowship he spent two months at the Institute of Food Process Engineering working on a research project using Lego-inspired glass capillary microfluidic devices (pictured).

Goran International Fellowship


Keynote Speech of Dr Vladisavljevic

Dr Goran Vladisavljevic delivered an invited keynote speech (pictured) on the 1st International Conference on Trends in Chemical Engineering 2021 (ICoTriCE 2021) “Redefining Chemical Engineering towards A Sustainable Future” organised by the Centre of Excellence for Biomass Utilization, Faculty of Chemical Engineering Technology (FTKK), University Malaysia Perlis

Keynote Speech 2_DrGoran.jpeg
Goran Keynote ICoTriCE
Guido IOP Commitee


Guido is elected member of the IOP LCFG Committee

Guido has been elected ordinary member of the Liquid and Complex Fluid Group (LCFG) Committee.

The LCFG is a special interest group of the Institute of Physics (IOP). The group membersare interested in the structure and dynamics of liquids and complex fluids, from microscopic to mesoscopic and macroscopic length scales. The member work encompasses systems that range from “simple” liquids to complex fluids and soft materials.



Optica Director Europe, Yann Amouroux, visit our lab

On occasion of Guido's nomination as Optica Senior Member, the Optica Director Europe, Yann Amouroux, visited the Particle Microfluidics Group and the Department of Chemical Engineering. Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani also joined us during the lab tour of the Department.

Yann Visit 2021


Special Issue "State-of-the-Art in Optical Trapping and Manipulation"

We are guest editing a Special Issue on MDPI Micromachines

The Special Issue welcomes contributions on all aspects of optical

trapping and manipulation. These may comprise both theoretical

and  experimental studies, and applications of optical manipulation

methods in fields including (but not limited to) single-molecule biophysics, cell biology, microrheology, colloidal interactions, nanotechnology, atmospheric chemistry, and fundamental optics are particularly welcome to showcase the breadth of the current research.

Submission deadline 30 November 2022.  If you are interested to contribute a paper, contact us.

More information on the special issue is available here.

Special Issue MDPI Tweezers


Guido is nominated Optica Senior Member

Guido has been nominated Senior Member of Optica.

Optica, formerly OSA, the society advancing optics and photonic worldwide,
is a leader of excellence, delivering high-quality scientific and
technical information that is authoritative, accessible and archived

Optica Senior Members are well-established individuals with a designation
that recognizes their experience and professional accomplishments
or service within their field that sets them apart from their peers.


Guido OSA


Congratulation to Praveen for passing his PhD Viva!

On the 8th August, Praveen passed his PhD Viva. His PhD project focused on bacterial and viral diagnostic techniques.

Well done Praveen!

Praveen Viva


Naval wins best poster prize at Advanced School in Soft Condensed Matter “Solutions in the Summer”

The Advanced School in Soft Condensed Matter “Solutions in the Summer” is organised by the IOP Liquid and Complex Fluid Group (LCFG) to provide a comprehensive foundation for researchers in the field of soft matter, liquids and complex fluids. The school also scheduled a poster presentation event where attendees presented their research.


Naval presented his research on particle manipulation by diffusiophoresis and won the best poster prize. His account of the event was featured on the 2022 Newsletter of the IOP LCFG, available at this link.

Naval Singh_v2.jpg


Congratulation to Naval for passing his PhD Viva!

On the 20th May, Naval passed his PhD Viva. His PhD project focused on diffusiophoresis-based manipulation of colloidal particles for healthcare applications.

Well done Naval!

And many thanks to his PhD Viva assessor, Dr Valeria Garbin (TU Delft) and Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani (Loughborough  University).

To know more about Naval's research, visit his Google Scholar Webpage.

Naval Viva
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