The group is attending the 73nd Annual APS DFD (Online) Meeting 

Naval presents our latest research work on diffusiophoresis at the 73nd annual meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics from 22rd to 24th November 2020. This year the meeting is held online.

Here the talk' details:

J08.00004: Reversible Trapping of Colloids in Microgrooved Channels by Diffusiophoresis under steady-state solute gradients: An Experimental and Numerical Investigation

Full talk available here.



Tymele and Naval win LU 2020 Phd Awards

Many congratulations to Tymele and Naval for receiving the Loughborough University 2020 PhD Awards!



Naval wins LU Doctoral College Research Student Prize

Naval has been awarded a Loughborough University (LU) Doctoral

College Research Student Prize. The award ceremony was held

(online) on Thursday 2nd July at the Doctoral College Annual Summer


Naval was nominated by his primary supervisor, Dr Guido Bolognesi,

on the basis of outstanding academic performance, achievements and

contribution to the AACME School and LU over and above his own



His academic achievements include several internally and externally

funded travel grants for attending international conferences and visiting partner laboratories, oral and poster presentations at international conferences and two prizes for best poster presentations at the ECIS Conference 2018 and SCI Postgraduate Scholars' Showcase 2019. He has also contributed to education and teaching activities within School, for which he received twice the LU's PhD Teaching Award in 2018 and 2019.

The Loughborough University Doctoral College Research Student Prize is a prize of £200 which is awarded annually to two PhD students who have progressed beyond the first year of their research. This year, the panel had a difficult time deciding on the second winner and made the decision to split the second prize between two doctoral researchers, namely Naval and another PhD student.




Special Issue "Droplet Microfluidics: A Tool for Biology, Chemistry and Materials Engineering" 

We are guest editing a Special Issue on MDPI Molecules


Contributions to this issue may cover all aspects of droplet

generation and manipulation in microfluidic systems ranging

from fundamental aspects and modelling of droplet generation

and manipulation to various applications in chemistry, biology

and physics such as (but not limited to) chemical synthesis and micromixing within droplets, imaging, high-throughput screening, in vitro compartmentalisation and digestion, single-cell encapsulation, production of nanoparticles and microparticles, synthesis of cell and tissue mimics and drug delivery systems.

Submission deadline 30 September 2020.  If you are interested to contribute a paper, contact us.

More information on the special issue is available here.



Congratulation to Ruqaiya for passing her PhD Viva!

On the 22nd April, Ruqaiya passed her PhD Viva. Her PhD project focused on the manufacturing of microstructured particles, such as multicore-shell capsules, Janus particles and others in microfluidic devices.

To know more about Ruqaiya's reserach, check out her publications on Google Scholar.



Praveen presents his research to MPs in STEM for Britain finals

Praveen has presented his research as part of the STEM for Britain finals in Westminster. As part of his PhD project, he has developed a Rapid Early Affordable Diagnostic test for infection and Resistance (READ-R). This project focuses on the development of fluorescence probe-based tests that detect bacteria and antibiotic sensitivity in urine.

Before the finals, Loughborough MP Jane Hunt visited the Centre for Biological Engineering on campus to find out more about Praveen’s project.

More information about Praveen's presentation at Westminster is available here.



Phd Projects Available

For more information about the projects and how to apply, contact us.

Applications from students supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) are welcome. More information about CSC funding to support a PhD programme at Loughborough University can be found here.

PhD projects are available in our group. We are currently looking for highly talented graduated students to join our research group to work on one of the following projects

PhD projects are also available in the research groups of our collaborators. For more information, click the links below.  



The group attended the 72nd Annual APS DFD Meeting 

Guido and Naval presented the group's research work on diffusiophoresis and ultralow interfacial tension systems at the 72nd annual meeting of the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics from 23rd to 26th November 2019 in Seattle (WA).

Here the talks' details:

H36.00009: Solute-Driven Colloidal Particle Manipulation in Continuous Flows Past Microstructured channels.

Q36.00009 : Bio-inspired soft nanofluidic networks created and controlled by light



Dr Vladisavljević visiting Beihang University 

In July 2019, Dr Vladisavljević was a Visiting Professor in the School of Chemistry and Environment at Beihang University in Beijing, China. He was hosted by Professor Tianle Zhu, Dr Ye Sun, Dr Fangxia Shen and Dr Yidi Zhu. We appreciate a good collaboration with Beihang University. Yuan Zhao from Beihang University is a visiting PhD student in our group.



Naval wins poster prize at SCI Annual General Meeting 2019

Congratulations to Naval who was awarded the 2nd Poster Prize at the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Postgraduate Scholars' Showcase held at SCI's 138th Annual General Meeting in London.

The picture shows Naval receiving the prize from Professor Alan Heaton.

A review of the event can be found here.


Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip 2019

In September 2019, Dr Bolognesi will join the Select Bio conference on Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip 2019 in Mumbai (India). His talk will be on the micro-manipulation of soft interfaces, droplets and particles by

optical and microfluidic methods for chemical and biological applications. 



Naval wins the 2019 Loughborough University Teaching Award

Congratulations to Naval who was awarded the Loughborough University Teaching Award for the second year in a row! His contribution to undergraduate students' supervision and teaching activities on the Chemical Engineering programme modules has been highly appreciated by the students.


Tymele wins judges' award at the WES Centenary Conference

Congratulations to Tymele for winning the judges' award at the Early Career Engineers Poster Competition at the Women's Engineering Society (WES) Centenary Conference held at the RAF museum in London. The title of Tymèle’s poster was “Production of Biodegradable Microparticles Using a 2cm Chip to Improve the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease”. In the poster, she presented the production of drug-loaded biodegradable polymer particles using microfluidic devices for applications in the treatment of coronary heart disease. The theme of the competition was ‘Transforming the future.' More information about the poster award and prize can be found here.



Naval wins best poster award at ECIS 2018

Congratulations to Naval for winning the best poster award at ECIS 2018. in Ljubljana (Slovenia). In his poster, titled " Solute-Driven Colloidal Particle Manipulation in Continuous Flows Past Grooved Microchannels", he presented our latest results on our research on particle manipulation by diffusiophoresis.

To attend this conference, Naval was awarded the SCI Rideal Travel Bursary. At this link, you can find Naval's commentary about the opportunity to present his research work and how he was awarded the “Elsevier Prize” for best poster presentation. 

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